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I’m having a major brain fart right now.  I can’t get my head around how to describe this guy and this blog.  Well, let’s start from the beginning (a very good place to start).  Name: Koo Youngjun.  Blog: I’m Koo.

When you work in the fashion industry, it’s easy to take it a little too seriously.  It is afterall, a BUSINESS.  But every so often someone (think Susie Bubble) or something (think Sonia Rykiel trompe l’oeil) reminds you that it doesn’t have to be.  For me, it’s Koo.  His photographs pull me in with their personality (often of the cheeky sort).  Feeling like channeling your inner Crayon Pop?  DO IT.  Wanna stick your tongue out?  I’ll out raspberry you any day.  Feeling shy?  It koo.

 photographs//koo youngjun

more about koo // ozon / gq /the fashion law / hypebeast


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I haven’t worn a backpack since I was hanging out with the skateboarders of America in high school.  It was a mid-grey classic Jansport, straps pulled up to my armpits.

Recently, I pulled it out for a weekend in Portland but wasn’t feeling it.  I wanted something that felt more substantial on my shoulders, was thoughtfully designed and most of all, something more than just a “backpack,” but potentially a wardrobe staple.

Thankfully, the Joo brothers (Tim + Dan) + business partner, M. Reyes took it upon themselves to found Haerfest.  With TLC, these guys present products with intention and you can tell by the details.  Backpacks feature a single continuing strap, hardware is minimal, but highly functional and the fabric choices (the meat of it all) is special.

You know what?  I like these guys.  It isn’t just because they’re young, talented and successful.  It’s because they have an inspiring mind.  Simply put, they want to create beautiful things.

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