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I haven’t worn a backpack since I was hanging out with the skateboarders of America in high school.  It was a mid-grey classic Jansport, straps pulled up to my armpits.

Recently, I pulled it out for a weekend in Portland but wasn’t feeling it.  I wanted something that felt more substantial on my shoulders, was thoughtfully designed and most of all, something more than just a “backpack,” but potentially a wardrobe staple.

Thankfully, the Joo brothers (Tim + Dan) + business partner, M. Reyes took it upon themselves to found Haerfest.  With TLC, these guys present products with intention and you can tell by the details.  Backpacks feature a single continuing strap, hardware is minimal, but highly functional and the fabric choices (the meat of it all) is special.

You know what?  I like these guys.  It isn’t just because they’re young, talented and successful.  It’s because they have an inspiring mind.  Simply put, they want to create beautiful things.

photos//haerfest   references//cereal magazine

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